Mareterra: Monaco’s Seafront Expansion and Unstoppable Growth

The number of people settling in or wanting to move to Monaco has increased over the last decades. Yet, Monaco, covering barely more than 2 km², remains smaller than the size of New York’s Central Park. 

Running out of space, the world’s second smallest country first tackled the issue with its pioneer offshore project back in 1907. This was the first land expansion into the Mediterranean Sea which birthed the Fontvieille district. Today, under Prince Albert II’s guidance, the most recent expansion is in process, slated for completion by the end of 2024.

A Fusion of Sea and Land

A brand-new district is taking shape along Monaco’s existing coastline, seamlessly extending from the Grimaldi Forum to the Formula One Grand Prix tunnel. Mareterra introduces a vibrant new district that will blend residential, cultural, and recreational spaces while embodying the Mediterranean’s charm and natural habitat. 

This transformative venture marks a significant shift for Monaco: an innovative addition to the Mediterranean shoreline that harmonises both land and sea ecosystems. Indeed, the name ‘Mareterra’ beautifully symbolises the project’s fusion of sea (“mare”) and land (“terra”), honouring its dual aspects. 

In collaboration with the SAM Anse du Portier developer, Mareterra utilises innovative and sustainable building techniques, embodying Monaco’s vision for expansion and advancement. Esteemed architects, such as Valode & Pistre Architectes, Renzo Piano, and Michel Desvigne, lend their expertise to this transformative project, initiated in 2013 and set for completion by late 2024.

A New Place of Tranquillity for All in Monaco

Introducing a groundbreaking real estate venture that goes beyond conventional living spaces. The project encapsulates a seamless integration of community and lifestyle. 

Here’s a list of the meticulously curated public spaces designed for communal enjoyment:

  • Place Princesse Gabriella – an essential gathering spot at the heart of this district, adorned with captivating reflecting pools. 
  • Le Petit Portier, a charming small marina composed of 15 berths that will be surrounded by shops and restaurants. It’s set to become Monaco’s newest vibrant focal point, perfect for community gatherings.
  • Mareterra’s La Pinède & La Vallée, drawing inspiration from the Mediterranean’s natural terrain and native plant life, will invite residents and visitors to embark on a serene journey amidst clusters of trees, shrubs, and flora.
  • Lastly, both locals and visitors will be able to enjoy the Promenade Prince Jacques, stretching along the coastline from the new port to the Grimaldi Forum. This scenic route will offer a stunning sea-view, leading gracefully to the one and only Larvotto beach.

Monaco’s eco-friendly and sustainable district 

The development team behind Mareterra is committed to implementing several measures focused on the ecosystem, sustainability, and responsible site development. 

Here are some of the key figures:

  • 800 trees plantes 
  • 27 000 sqm areas planted 
  • 19 000 sqm pedestrian area 
  • 9 000 sqm of solar panels 
  • 50% of rainwater reused 
  • 600m of cycle path 

Mareterra has implemented various sustainability measures. For example, the project includes setting up around 200 charging systems for electric vehicles, with 20% allocated for public car park. It will also create two bike stations with one that is specifically designed for electric bikes only.

Additionally, to preserve the ecosystem, Mareterra is actively working to minimise its construction site’s impact and to enhance biodiversity within the area. For instance, it is planned to install shelters like bird nests and insect hotels. Mareterra is also dedicated to preserving protective sea grass and fostering the growth of the new coastal area by constructing artificial reefs.

Deep dive into Mareterra’s Exclusive Residences 

Mareterra will offer a variety of distinctive residential spaces, each with its own charm. 

At the district’s edge will stand Le Renzo, offering residences overlooking the vibrant port and retail area (see picture above). Then, Les Jardins d’Eau residences will embrace the Riviera elegance, featuring plenty of amenities, spacious balconies, and modern designs that seamlessly blend indoor and outdoor living. Just a short distance away, positioned by the sea, will be located the exclusive villas. Each villa will offer incredible breathtaking views and features its own unique and distinctive design. Finally, the Townhouses perfectly reflect the vision of integrating natural beauty: they will be enveloped by lush greenery – effortlessly blending into nature. These homes will feature interior patios where residents will be able to immerse themselves in nature. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you be interested in a property in this newly developed district. 

For more information about this ongoing (and soon to be) project, please explore Mareterra’s website.



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